The Main Reasons for Drain Blockages

I know that most of you have had a blocked drain in your homes. However, very few of you went ahead to discover the root cause of the problem. This is even after having a professional plumber clear the drains on your behalf. Therefore, it is important to learn about the main causes of drainage blockages so that you can be able to diagnose the problem if it occurs in your home. The main causes of drain problems include:

  • Hair. Hair is one of the biggest causes of plumbing problems in a home. Naturally, hair fall off when you are taking a bath and this may cause blockages in the end. Also, shaving in the bathroom may contribute to hair getting into the drain. When hair accumulates in the drainage systems, it traps other materials and particles that pass through this system. The bad thing with hair is that it tangles in the system forming a ball like sludge that blocks the system.
  • Plants. Plants are also a major cause of blockages in a home as they can grow inside pipes as well as sewer lines. Weeds and other plants can grow so dense that they end up blocking the sewer system. Therefore, it is important to always ensure that there are no weeds in your drainage systems and also in areas where the pipe pass. Plants are a major risk to your drainage system especially considering that roots grow towards a water source. You should make a point of checking your pipe work for plant growth.
  • Fat and grease. Another major cause of blockages in a home is grease and fat. This is especially in the kitchen where dishes are washed and fat gets into the drainage system. The worst ting with fat is that it accumulates on the sides of the pipes thereby causing blockages. However, you should make a point of pouring hot water into the sink from time to time in order to melt down the fats in the sink. This can be a good solution as it clears fat that could lead to blockages.
  • Toiletries. Toiletries are also a major cause of blockage in homes. For example, you may find people dropping soaps, detergents, toothbrushes and even ear buds into the toilet. Doing so can cause a lot of problems since these items can cause major blockages in the system. Therefore, it is important to avoid dropping any solid item into the toilet.

When you notice that your drainage system might be blocked, it is advisable to consult plumbing and heating professionals to rectify the problem. Such professionals have the tools and experience to handle the problem fast and effectively. Remember, it is always easier to correct drainage problems in the early stages.