Signs That It is Time for Furnace Repair

The furnace is one of the most important appliances in the house, particularly during winter. So, it is only necessary that it is functioning in its pristine condition. But just any appliances in the home, it may get broken. Thus furnace repair is required immediately, and the repair should only be left with a professional HVAC company.

Signs that it is time for furnace repair

There are few signals that call for furnace repair and below are to name them:

The furnace is constantly running

If it is running almost continuously, furnace repair may be needed. You must check two things when this sign happens, one, the thermostat and two the seal of your house. If it cycles on and off often than the usual, turning off after few minutes, the inspection should also be considered.

Check air filters to ensure that it is not blocked or clogged, as that may also be a cause of poor furnace performance. Keep many vents in the room in an open position as closing too many vents may affect the operation of the furnace.

After filter and vents are checked, call a professional to make a diagnosis and identify the furnace repair required. In most cases, this may only need tune-up or adjustment, yet the components and parts inside the furnace could present safety hazards for anyone unskilled.

No heat

It is highly encouraged that you check on the furnace way before the winter comes to give you enough time if there are any furnace repairs required. If it is not producing any heat, check switches and all corresponding circuit breakers before finally calling for service.

If the furnace has power yet no heat is produced, leave the furnace repair only to a qualified professional.

The furnace is producing odour

The musty and dusty odour is normal during the first use or season, but as the odour continues, furnace repair may be required.  Checking and replacing filters should be done first, as smell mostly is coming from the air filter. If there is a burning odour, immediately turn off your system and call for a professional HVAC company’s help.

Banging sounds when the system turns on

Most furnaces relatively operate and run quietly. Hammering or banging sounds may be typical of the radiator heat system, but the noise should not be too loud. When there is screeching or squealing sound all the time the system is turned on, call for a furnace repair specialist may be required. Most of the time the noise is coming from the blower motor. If this is the case, the blower should be repaired or adjusted. Grinding, banging and too loud pops are signals of immediate furnace repair.

In any instance, furnace repair should be handled only be a qualified and certified HVAC company. This can assure you of a safe and accurate repair.