Expand Your Room With Bay and Bow Windows

When it comes to interior decor, in many homes windows are simply ignored; many do not see it beyond a mere conventional or standard feature of a building that allows for ventilation, as such they are just concerned about having the opening somewhere on the wall and care less about how their strategic arrangement can be so explored to bring some unique look and style to living areas. There is a supernormal effect created when your windows are positioned to feature the outside of your home; life in the interior just feels proverbially like a living area without walls.

Bringing the best of both worlds to live in your living area is what Bay and bow windows offer you. More so, there is something classy about viewing the serenity of the natural environment without obstructions as you sip a cup of coffee and take it all in at a viewing angle of 180 degrees. If this has been your living room fantasy, it can be all real now with Bay and Bow windows as they typically have a curvature exterior that creates a semi-circular space in the interior you could convert into a bar counter or for just any relaxation purpose.

However, to think Bay and Bow windows are all the same would be an error; those who know better can easily spot the differences.

For a bay window, its glaring differential feature is its number of window panel; they are usually three in all with the middle one being the largest; those on the sides, also known as flankers, are closer in while the middle pane bulges out making it only possible to be pushed out from the exterior; the flankers may vary in their positioning; they may be double-hung or fixed depending on how they are installed.

In comparison with Bay windows, Bow windows have about 3 more window panels all of the same size. Another so obvious difference of Bow windows from Bay windows is that panels have a curved outline allowing for an even broader viewing angle. Bow windows are not varied in their placement when installing them; they are only placed in a fixed or casement position. The many panels of a Bow window mean that they would give you better ventilation.

One more nugget you should know about Bay and Bow windows is that they won’t fit as good installations in all rooms of your home; you’ve got to be thoughtful and purposeful about which rooms to use them. Naturally, it just appeals to the mind to enjoy and revel in the realms of the natural environment while sprawling on your sofa or pausing intermittently to look far the yonder as you take your meals in the dining room; instinctively these places and may be your kitchen also, makes the best rooms to have Bay and Bow windows installed in your home.

Natural illusions from the environment make the room look bigger, bay and bay windows are not translucent like other window types rather are good channels beams of natural light from the environment easily pass through.