Chandelier Cleaning Tips That Will Simplify the Task

Chandelier cleaning is important because it improves the life span of your fixture and keeps it shining all the time. However, not everyone is equipped with the skills required to clean a chandelier, especially when it is hung very high or has a very intricate design. A crystal chandelier is a delicate piece of art and it is easy to damage it while trying to clean it. Therefore, it always makes sense to call a professional to do the cleaning. With the type of knowledge and equipment they have, getting your chandelier cleaned will become a simple an easy task.

However, if you have time and want to clean your chandelier on your own, you should always pay attention to certain tips first. Following these tips will help make the cleaning a bit less time intensive and you will get some good results as well.

Prepare the Area

Before you start cleaning the chandelier, you need to prepare the area first. You do not want anything around your ladder that would make you deal with an accident. Certain furniture pieces can increase your risk of injury, so it is better to free up some space before you climb up the stepladder. If your chandelier has accumulated serious dust, it is better to cover up the furniture in your room. Another good idea is to hang a big umbrella upside down with your chandelier. This way, it will collect all the dust and you will not have to clean the rest of your furniture after cleaning your chandelier.

Start with Light-Touch Dusting

Before you move on to wet cleaning, it is better to start with light-touch dusting because it will help get rid of loose debris. Doing it first will also prepare the surface for wet cleaning. You can use a feather duster for this task. Be sure to use it gently to clean the crystals, bulbs, and the fixture itself. Using a blow dryer may also be a good option. You can also remove caked-on dirt with the help of a microfiber-cleaning mitt – do not use paper towels or static dust pads here or you would end up scratching the crystals.

Proceed with Liquid Cleaning

In case your chandelier demands a thorough cleaning, you may have to do some wet cleaning as well. For this, you will have to buy a liquid glass cleaner from the market. Simply spray the cleaner on a soft cloth and rub down the entire fixture. You do not have to remove the crystals when using this method. You have to remove the crystals to deal with extreme dirt, but it is better to avoid doing it yourself and ask a professional to handle it on your behalf.

The crux of the matter is that chandelier cleaning can be a tricky task depending on the location and design of your fixture. If it looks intricate, you should not do it yourself because there will be a chance of damaging the crystals. Someone with experience in chandelier cleaning should get the opportunity to clean the fixture for you.